Thursday, 9 July 2015

Percona Live Amsterdam 2015, why bother?

Another fall, another MySQL community conference. What's the point? Haven't we heard it all before? Same old RDBMS, same old problems, same old speakers, same old venue? What can we expect this year's European conference? Well for starters, the venue has been moved from London to Amsterdam so we have a new acronym; PLEU or PLAM or PLNL? You can decide and use it in your #tweets.

If you hid from all the announcements, Percona acquired Tokutek in April 2015. Tokutek are a company invested in both MySQL and MongoDB landscapes through their fractal tree based storage engines. What does this mean? Well this gave birth to a new scope to the traditionally MySQL-focussed event. Amongst the plethora of high profile company representations you'll see MongoDB, Elastic and Couchbase. So if you're seeking a heterogeneous data conference then you should be there. This widened focus brings with it new speakers (some old ones too), new topics, ideas and tools that will undoubtedly bring a fresh new feel to the 5th annual Percona Live 'Europe' conference.

Percona Live Europe, Data Performance Conference Amsterdam, September 21-23, 2015

The schedule was announced in past 24 hours and here are my hot picks are:

1.Using Docker for Fast and Easy Testing of MariaDB and MaxScale - Andrea Tosatto
A devops style talk that focusses on the use of Docker in the workflow for testing and with MariaDB and Maxscale in particular. Read/Write splitting is a frequently asked question and achieving it without too many applications always seems to be the requirement. And honestly, anything with Docker in the title would get my attention.

2. Performance Schema and Sys Schema in MySQL 5.7 - Mark Leith
Ignoring Performance Schema is not scalable. The upcoming release of 5.7 and Mark's sys schema are going to become a staple in any DBA's diet. I have been dipping into Performance Schema all too infrequently so it's time to listen up and make the effort to understand the instrumentation provided natively.

3. Big Transactions on Galera Cluster - Seppo Jaakola
Galera Cluster is not fiction and I'm seeing plenty of uptakers in this space. This means understanding what does and what doesn't fit in Galera's synchronous workload. I'm going to bet Seppo will guide us through the pitfalls of unwittingly using large transactions in production environments of Galera installations.

4. Redis Eye for the MySQL Guy - Baron Schwartz
Baron needs little introduction in the MySQL world, but what the hell does he know about Redis? His startup, Vivid Cortex recently announced that they reverse engineered the Redis protocol and have enabled monitoring for it in their product. Baron strives to put Redis into the space where memcached has been for so long, performing some of the grunt work where MySQL falls short.

5. Database Encryption on MariaDB 10.1 - Jan Lindström,Sergei Golubchik
If you deal with sensitive data in any way and have looked around for MySQL encryption solutions, you'll know they're few and generally include tradeoffs. I'm looking forward to hearing how MariaDB have approached the problem of encryption within MySQL. We work with several HIPAA and PCI clients that seek this very functionality.

6. WiredTiger architecture and tuning - Henrik Ingo
Percona Live welcomes back old favourite Henrik Ingo after 'losing' him to the NoSQL world. Henrik will tell us about MongoDB's new storage engine, Wired Tiger, and how to tune this. For anyone with MongoDB in production this is a must see.

7. PARTITIONing - How-To vs. Don't-Bother - Rick James
Super Freak, Rick James will present some of his infamous RoTs regarding partitioning. He's a source I regularly refer to when seeking best practices around various topics.

8. Managing and Visualizing your replication topologies with Orchestrator - Shlomi Noach
Committee chairman and all round nice guy, Shlomi will tell us about his Orchestrator project. I installed and toyed with an early version of this tool (full of awesomeness) and I still wonder how he has time to fit it all in. An effervescent speaker it's a pleasure to watch Shlomi even if the topic is galaxies beyond your interest.

9. Drupal just wants to hug your database - Emily Slocombe
Almost just because of the hug reference but Emily has been a colleague and is a fellow member of the DBAChat team. Emily's employer, Acquia (the home of Drupal), are seasoned players in the world of MySQL. Learning to tune MySQL to play well with the CMS will be invaluable to many attendees.

10. Advanced search for your legacy application - David Pilato
I will be sitting in this session to further my ElasticSearch understanding. As Oracle matures the FT search capabilities in InnoDB, Elastic compliment their solid product with security, sharding and peripheral features that make it such a desirable inclusion in your overall stack.

Other business will include any tricks that Percona have up their sleeve and of course, swag! We all love a free t-shirt to prove our commitment to tech.

Dinner - not forgetting an important factor of the conference; the community dinner. Delightfully arranged by this year, do not fail to attend and dine with the hungry community.

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