Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Percona Live in 30 seconds

I'm on the train home from London. Stalled at a signal waiting to move on. Here are some thoughts/facts/findings from my past 2.5 days.

- Walking from Waterloo to Kensington can be done. It's not a bad thing after a 3 hour train journey.
- Pubs in London also close at 10.30pm on a Sunday
- Don't trust the wifi near the guy with a pelicase on his shoulder
- Belgians are good peoples that love Indian food.
- Book 60 and 112 will come
- Double Decker buses go the long way around
- The MySQL community is alive
- It matters not what branch/fork you use, free beer/food/bus/OOS unites all
- MariaDB 10 soon. Stay tuned.
- "Peter in a Box" tipped as a hot favourite gift this Christmas.
- Using AWS? Spread yourself across AZ, Regions.
- System security is generally overlooked
- setenforce 1 (learn how to use selinux)
- Sysbench is not as understood as I understand. Lua.
- Henrik will not resist a MySQL conference invite :D
- Common_schema to become part of the server (one day, Shlomi!)
- Galera, PXC remains a hot topic with more and more production installs
- Fractal trees don't lose their leaves in the fall
- Unix load still misunderstood by many. See > 1, check what the CPU and IO is actually doing
- Backups are pretty important, RDBA sets the standard for backup ref. architecture. Mydumper wts.
- Oracle Engineers now available at PL events
- PerconaLive++
- The Crazy Italian guy is still crazy

Now there you have it, you missed a lot if you didn't make it this year!

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