Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Bristol MySQL Meetup

The next Bristol (and surrounding areas) MySQL meetup will take place on Thursday 10th of October in Bristol (currently) scheduled for 7.00pm at the Watershed. I say currently because it might be moved if we can find a quieter place. I personally found the Watershed pretty noisy. The topic of the night will be tools. We'll have a 50,000ft overview of some of the tools and then make some time for some demos. According to the RSVP list there's a nice mix of Dev and Ops so there should be a mixture of experience and hopefully some inspirational use cases for tools being used in the wild. Right this moment the agenda of tools will be some from the following;
  • pt-toolkit
  • openark-toolkit
  • Oracle's MySQL Utilities
  • Xtrabackup
  • Mydumper
  • Common_schema
  • AOT
To give you guys and girls further incentive to attend the meetup, we have some swag to unload. There will be some Pythian and Percona t-shirts, some Oracle/MySQL usb drives & stickers and a ticket to Percona Live London to unburden myself of. I'd like to pass out some swag for participation over chance so make sure to bring a tasty question or story about how you use DBA/Dev tools. The Percona Live UK ticket is a very kind donation from Percona, so a HUGE `thank you` goes to Kortney and Tom for arranging that for us. The caveat to bagging swag/ticket: it's limited to attendees only and there will be a photo of the proud owners posted on the meetup page (with you permission of course). We will also have a discount code made available for anyone looking to attend PLUK. Follow the latest news for Percona Live London using the #perconalive hashtag or via Percona.com. Please post any questions or suggestions for Thursday night topic/venue.

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