Saturday, 31 August 2013

PLUK Attendees: Show of hands

It will soon be November and we'll be queuing up to register for the Percona Live conference once again. I spoke with some of this year's Percona Live London committee we all agreed that it would be great to arrange a community dinner if there was a community interest. In the past years of the PLUK conference there has not been a community event to attend in order to discuss sessions and make new friends. I for one love the `Pythian-arranged Community Dinner` at Pedro's that occurs annually in Santa Clara during the Percona Live Conference. I know that there are many attendees that do London and CA each year and wager that they'd agree that it's a great event. So lets have it... please r.s.v.p here and if the numbers are good enough we'll schedule something the evening of the tutorials. Please let me know of your interest in the comments below. Thanks :D

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Bristol MySQL Meetup & Holland Part II

So just a quick note to express how great it felt to get the first MySQL Meetup in the UK's Bristol done. We had great enthusiastic attendees bringing their own curiosity about the product. We spent a couple of hours in conversation about a broad range of MySQL related topics. Amongst the points discussed were; MySQL Connect, Percona Live London, InnoDB vs. MyISAM, replication, query tuning and Ben gave a demo on pt-query-digest and pt-visual-explain. Although we touched many aspects it was really a primer for what we would like to achieve going forward. We're planning content and dates for the next meetup so keep an eye on the meetup page. I want to express that all comers are welcome whether you're fantastically experienced or a curious noob there's place for you. The group has already made many friends such as TomD from Percona, Stoker from Oracle and Marco from Pythian. They've all donated some sought after swag and we're thinking of fun ways to reward it to our group members.

Holland Part II

Since I penned the first part of the Holland Framework article series I've been immensely busy but things are beginning to slow down. I'll find some time to complete that series for anyone sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting the sequel as this next part was the driver for my blog post. The company I'm working with are currently using Holland in production to make file-per-table mysqldump backups using holland and whilst I would always recommend a mixed backup set (logical and physical) I'm not satisfied in the DR plan using only mysqldump so there's more Holland framework in my immediate future.

That is all from me for now. Hope you have a great weekend.