Friday, 2 July 2010

South West UK MySQL User Group interest...anyone?

I recently found out that there's a MySQL User Group in London that regularly meet to discuss all things MySQL. I found out when I attended the MySQL Breakfast Seminar last month on the 24th June 2010 at the Sun Customer Briefing Centre on King William Street, London. I have since visited the MySQL User Group Facebook page and it seems that there's a nice buzz on there from community members and MySQL employees...sorry, Oracle Employees.

Due to a missing South West UK string to the User Group bow, is there any interest in starting one up? We could begin with at least a Facebook page with some South West flavoured buzz. Future visions of meets and maybe even MySQL celebrity visits could occur one day!

Good idea? Bad idea?


  1. Sounds like a wicked idea. Sort it out mysqlboy

  2. I would be up for it, live in Wells.

  3. Hi Andrew! Good idea! Thanks a lot for kicking this off. We need more MySQL User Groups!

    You would probably reach a wider audience with your post, if you added the "mysql" label to it, so it gets aggregated by Planet MySQL :)

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