Friday, 30 April 2010

Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx arrives

The Ubuntu Lynx is here and Canonical's latest Long Term Supported OS has made it onto my production laptop. This means like the Heron, it will be around for a while.

I spent most the day on the Ubuntu website yesterday refreshing the page waiting for the OS to appear. I was side tracked and returned in the evening to gather the 64bit ISO from a local mirror. My installation was delayed until 6.30am this morning, after I had fed the nipper and she was happily bouncing away in front of her favourite morning cartoons. As expected the installation was very straight forward. I'm sure my 4 month old could have sailed through the process too if she wasn't only interested in how far she could get the mouse into her mouth!

I confess that I am regularly one to jump on the 'it's shiny and new' band-wagon and this release was absolutely no different. I performed a clean install of Lucid over the top of my previously installed Lucid Alpha2 partition and plugged-in my /home partition from my Karmic installation. All went seamlessly and I was able to access all the files from my 200gb /home partition without having to do anything clever. 

So to the big I impressed?, not yet. I have not seen any huge differences between 9.10 and 10.04 BUT that's not all bad news.

Very simple, standard wizard based installation directly from the ISO I downloaded. I'm sure that novices and experts alike will have no problems installing the Lynx.

As it proclaims, a fast boot time allows you to head straight for your email and documents within seconds of powering up. Canonical aimed for a 10 second boot but I'm sure that this will vary depending on what it's installed on.

The logo has had a spring clean. The colour (or color if you're in the States) scheme is also different from that of it's predecessor. A new purple theme greets you at the door. It is the fur of our new Lynx which mustn't be mistaken for that of a certain snow leopard...hmm! There are also some small menu tweaks, UbuntuOne has appeared along with some account management tools in the Indicator Applet Session menu. There's nothing to persuade you to write a letter to your Mother and Father though. One thing I will mention too is that Ubuntu's default theme seems to have moved the window controls from the top right of the windows to the top left...very mac-like but this can be changed as can the theme.

Default Application Set
It's not a major concern to anyone that can use apt, but there are some changes to the application roster. There are certain applications missing from the default 10.04 installation and there are some new faces too. The most noticeable crater left is that of the GNU Image Manipulation Program, gimp but a few clicks later and your package manager will put that right. Gwibber social client now lives in the internet menu tab and a video editing package named PitiVi joins the party too.

Suffice to say I will be knocking around on the Ubuntu forums to see if there are any gotchas I should be worried about.

I will be filling my Friday evening upgrading my Ruby on Rails development Environment and digging into the new features of the Lynx!

Happy Lynx-ing!

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